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Rachel Bierma, Owner and Designer of B. Rustik (formerly known as Green Hide) has gained much of her inspiration from her experiences traveling in places like Costa Rica, Europe, and in the southern states of the U.S. Rachel earned her degree in marketing from Auburn University, Alabama with a focus in fine art including sculpture, paintings, drawings, and 2D (2-dimensional design). It was her 2D class where she realized her passion for working with materials to construct architectural pieces. In 2009, after lusting for a leather necklace and not being able to find one, Rachel put her skills to work and created her first B. Rustik leather necklace. Since 2010, B. Rustik Accessories has been the rave at local Midwest arts festivals and in Chicago boutiques around the city.


Rachel’s love for vintage-thrifting can be seen in all her designs making all B. Rustik Accessories one-of-a-kind. Her work as a property manager in Chicago has also influenced her work greatly, including her appreciation for building construction and architecture. Her most unique and sought after designs are her re-purposed belt ties and the rustic belt necklaces.


Rachel is currently in Chicago developing her next collection of B. Rustik designs.